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Brand Series

Office Supplies and Stationeries

Computers and Electronic Goods

Clothing / Textiles / Accessories

Health and outdoor goods

Writing Supplies Advertising pens / Highlighters / Function pens USBs Advertising clothes / T-Shirt Advertising fans / Chinese fans
 Prostar Pens Gift fans Advertising hats Advertising umbrellas / Rain gears
 ARWEY Gel pens Flashlights and lights Advertising towels Auto accessories
 Parker Metal pens Digital accessories ID chains and ID holders Health and sports
 Cross Wooden pens Touch tools Textiles / Apparel Sporting goods
Brand Boutique Highlighters Computer peripherals Pillows and blankets Health products
XD design Banner pens Mobile phone peripherals Wristband / Headband / Gloves Outdoor goods
Home Life Function pens Pedometer Advertising slippers Binoculars
resqme Set pens   Accessories / Badge / Key chain Camping appliances
iSpark Stylus pens   Accessories  
Hardwarelab Folder | File Bag | Files   Key chains  
Amber Notepad | memo pad   Badges  
MuggeQ Notebook   Key bags / Wallets  
CO-ECO Stationery      
Fashion Bags Card Case | card book      
Swiss Peak Coasters and table mats      

Home and daily appliances

Toys and Party Supplies

Shopping and Travel Bags

Crafts / Banners / Trophies

Printing Products

Advertising cups and tableware Balloons and inflatable products Shopping bags Banners and etiquette tapes  Inkjet paintings (banner)
Porcelain cups Party supplies Travel bags Flags and corporate flags Advertising display products
Discoloration cups Luminous stuff Briefcases Advertising flags Paper printings
Steel cups Sounding stuff Leisure bags Pennants Brochures and booklets
Plastic cups Decompression toys / Brain trainings Pouches Etiquette tapes Name cards / Cards / Calendar cards
Water bottles Toys / Stuffed toys   Trophies and crystals      Stickers / Tags
Tableware     Synthetic crystals Red pockets / Year calendars / Greetings
Coasters and table mats     Trophies Advertising pokers
Paper cups     Metal badges / Coins Colored plastic cards / VIP cards
Fridge magnets / Magnetic bookmarks     Metal badges  
Photo frames / Display shelves     Coins  
Luggage tags     Gilded paintings / Wall decorations  
Inflatable pillows     Sculpture decorations  
Medicine containers        
Home appliances        
Gift locks        
Toothpick boxes        
Pets appliances        
Personal care        
Sewing kits        

Packaging Supplies

Design Service

Environmental and Green Series

Warehousing Products

Gift boxes / Color boxes   Green materials Name addable gifts  
Decorating supplies   Green energy    
Packaging bags   Green attitude    

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  • Organization name : Nintendo (Hong Kong) Limited
    Organization Logo :
    Product Name : Irregular Goods
    Product Code: PAB
    Case Code: 3B912141
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  • Organization name : Banco da China, Sucursal de Macau
    Organization Logo :
    Product Name : Cucurbit Stylus Pen
    Product Code: AAJ007
    Case Code: 5B302141
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  • Organization name : Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
    Organization Logo :
    Product Name : Irregular Goods
    Product Code: CAD
    Case Code: 18412141
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  • Organization name : Standard Chartered Bank
    Organization Logo :
    Product Name : Potted Plant
    Product Code: FBC024
    Case Code: 1B318041
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  • Organization name : DBS Bank (Hong kong) Limited
    Organization Logo :
    Product Name : Round Handle Fan
    Product Code: DBA006
    Case Code: 38723031
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  • Organization name : The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
    Organization Logo :
    Product Name : Nylon Lanyard (2.0cm)
    Product Code: CBA026
    Case Code: 38216041
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  • Organization name : Snow Brand Hong Kong Co., Ltd.
    Organization Logo :
    Product Name : Eco Friendly Crayon Set
    Product Code: AAI003
    Case Code: 58601041
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  • Organization name : Wing Hang Bank
    Organization Logo :
    Product Name : Universal Travel Adapter
    Product Code: EBF046
    Case Code: 53520131
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  • Organization name : Bank of China (Hong Kong)
    Organization Logo :
    Product Name : A4 Folder
    Product Code: ABC015
    Case Code: 18400131
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  • Organization name : Discover Art Studio
    Organization Logo :
    Product Name : Shoulder Bag
    Product Code: GDA001
    Case Code: 77111131
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  • Organization name : Witgang Far East Limited
    Organization Logo :
    Product Name : Slim Metal Pen
    Product Code: AAC011
    Case Code: 1B912131
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  • Organization name : Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
    Organization Logo :
    Product Name : Fridge Magnet (4 x 12.5 cm)
    Product Code: EBG011
    Case Code: 27320131
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  • Organization name : G-Suite Holdings Limited
    Organization Logo :
    Product Name : Gold Brick USB Drive
    Product Code: BAB022
    Case Code: 26612131
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  • Organization name : Hong Kong Express Ltd.
    Organization Logo :
    Product Name : Lanyard (1.5cm width)
    Product Code: CBA005
    Case Code: 38808031
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  • Organization name : Nintendo (Hong Kong) Limited
    Organization Logo :
    Product Name : Irregular Goods
    Product Code: BAC
    Case Code: 7B801131
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  • Organization name : New World Development Company Limited
    Organization Logo :
    Product Name : Irregular Goods
    Product Code: ACA
    Case Code: 33601131
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  • Organization name : China Life Insurance (Overseas)Company Limited
    Organization Logo :
    Product Name : Irregular Goods
    Product Code: AAJ
    Case Code: 46121131
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